Active Sharks CIC

When we started Shark Life the idea was to get children, and families active. That hasn’t changed. We are passionate about introducing children, and families to physical activity that isn’t the ‘norm’.

Active Sharks CIC was born out of an idea to allow children to be active whilst also exploring and learning new skills. Things like team work, problem solving, confidence, resilience, can all taught through simple but effective workshops incorporating both typical exercise and the slightly more fun inclusion of some of our Shark Life obstacles.

Active Sharks CIC aims to provide children with the opportunity to be active in a fun, safe, yet challenging environment.

Some of our mini walls, pride of place in the Pumpkin Patch garden in Dunbar.

We are available for fundamental skill workshops, bootcamps, open days, and training sessions available for children and adults alike.

Please do get in touch if this is something that is of interest to you or your organisation.

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